We are happy to offer a complete list of dental procedures for all patients.  We work with multiple specialists so if there are any unique needs we can’t offer directly in office, we take care of everything to get you set up with whichever specialty you need! 

We treat all ages and truly enjoy seeing everyone from the tiniest of mouths to the elderly. 


Shianne “Shi” Kucera is our registered dental hygienist.  She sees all ages for regular cleanings.  Dr. Svoboda then does a thorough exam of your entire oral cavity.  We offer not only a comfortable cleaning experience but a sound knowledge base of how to best take care of your mouth!  Please ask us any questions/concerns you have and we will happily provide information!

Restorations, Crowns, Veneers, and Bridges

We provide all white (composite) restorations here at the office as well as all white crowns.  If esthetics are a concern, we can put your mind at ease!

We offer all types of restorative procedures:  crowns, bridges, implants, etc. and can have them made in multiple materials types : gold, porcelain, silver, zirconia, etc.  We are happy to discuss any and all questions you have about how to restore your teeth both esthetically and functionally.

Dentures and Partials

We can repair, rebase, or make you new dentures.  Tell us your concerns and we will offer multiple options on how to get you into the best teeth (even if they aren’t your originals!)


We do minor extractions here at the office but also offer a network of great oral surgeons and general dentists for those that have more difficult extractions or prefer sedation.  If you need to see a specialist for your extraction, we will send your x-rays and information as well as set up your appointment.  We take all of the hassle out of working with multiple offices!


Implants can be used for so many things these days and we are happy to discuss all these options with you!  Whether it be an implant retained denture, a single tooth implant, or restoring larger areas, we have you covered! Ask us and we can discuss the options or send you with hand-outs for learning on your own.


We can make whitening trays in-office as well as recommend at home options for whitening.  We pride ourselves on giving whitening “options” rather than upselling this extremely popular treatment.

Periodontal Treatment and Gingivitis

Shi Kucera, our hygienist, takes great pride in helping people return their teeth and gums to a healthy state.  Whether you need full periodontal treatment or just new brushing techniques and regular cleanings, Shi is here to help! Set up an appointment with her and you will leave with a new found respect for oral health care…and a smile!

Endodontic Treatment (Root Canals)

Root canals are SO much easier than they were in the past.  We realize there is a negative stigma around this treatment and we enjoy spending time changing that mindset. We like explaining how endodontic treatment is done so that when we do have to diagnose a root canal, you can feel at ease knowing it will be done comfortably.


We offer both clear aligners and traditional orthodontics here at the office.  You might be surprised to know that braces aren’t just for the kids, even though we love seeing smiles change at that age!  Orthodontics can greatly enhance a smile at any age so if you have been thinking about braces, ask us what they can do for you!


Overall, we are a comprehensive dental office.  We handle any and all dental treatment for all ages so give us a call and see what we can do for you!